Preserving The Environment Utilizing The 5s Lean Management Method

5s principles are a methodology that were coined by the Japanese to preserve the environment by ensuring that waste in the workplace is reduced. It’s a very ideal way of increasing the productivity of any organization. This is because workers are able to effectively store and locate their equipments where they are supposed to be.

This saves them a lot of time that can be channeled to other departments. In general, the system utilizes visual cues and constant working scheme to ensure that the working place is properly maintained.

This lean management method is actually among the first systems to be considered by a lot of organizations. This is because it’s very effective if well implemented. It has also proven to yield very positive results that have increased the revenue of most organizations that chose to use it.

Using This Method Requires A Lot Of Team Work And Consistency


It’s more of a cleaning up technique that helps workers to plan their area of work in a particular setting. This setting should particularly be familiar to all the work place users so as to reduce confusion and disorganization. Once implemented, the working environment would be a very productive place and also ease flow among various company processes.

This method helps in making a better environment since it highly advocates for waste reduction. The fact that vigorous and consistent cleaning is involved ensures that the working environment is a safe place to operate in. The method also involves sustaining whatever 5s principle that the company has initiated.

This means that the process will be made recurring and maintained for as long as possible. This will ensure that any progress or development will continue flourishing as long as the system is maintained. It therefore goes without saying that the 5s lean management system is suitable for any working environment.

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