Sustaining Development Process Using The 5s Lean Management Principles

The 5s principles consists of five ideologies that are used to organize a workplace, reduce waste products and ensure that maximum productivity is achieved. The five principles were coined by the Japanese who at the time were trying to rise above and develop after being affected by the Second World War.

History indicates that the Japanese were successful in using this method. This has a prompted a number of companies to implement a similar system to ensure that they have a conducive working environment for their employees. We have an also seen a lot of organizations developing their 5s environment after proper implementation of the system.

The company however must to fully understanding the principles before implementing them otherwise they run the risk of failing shortly after startig the process.

The 5s stand for different processes that should be followed in a work place to reduce waste and increase productivity. They include sort (Seiri), set in order (Selton), shine (Seiso), Standardize (Seiketsu) and sustain (Shitsuke). You should note that each process should be followed to the letter so as to yield positive results. Any step that is skipped or misinterpreted can either yield negative results or bring about a massive setback in your development plans.

It is therefore vital that you ensure that all your workers are highly trained on the 5s lean management method that you want to implement. You should note that these methods can be implemented alongside other strategic processes that also increase development.

Some of them include the kaizen and Kanban principles. These systems are very complementary in ensuring that you are not only able to reduce waste, but you do so in an effective and continuous manner.

The lean technique implemented alongside the 5s principle will be a guaranteed success for any organization. It will motivate your workers since they will be working in a safe environment with ease. It will also enlighten them on various ways of waste reduction, time saving and managing inventory.

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