A Break Down Of The 5S Philosphy

Cleanliness is a very vital aspect in any organization. A sense of organization can create an ideal and calm environment suitable for carrying out any form of business. A lot of successful organization have implemented the 5s philosophy so as to improve their working place.

These principles, if well implemented can curb the occurrence of accidents and mishaps in the workplace. It’ll also ensure that the working tool and materials are not only stored properly, but are well maintained and hence last for long. The 5s principle give your working place a sense of order and can also motivate your employees to be more productive since there is very little time wasting if any.

To get a better understanding of the 5s principles, you need to break down each word and understand its meaning:

Sorting Of 5S Principle

This can be referred to as a method of automatically organizing tools and objects according to specific groups or class. You can also arrange them according to how they are used. The key principle here is to make sure that you arrange everything according to a certain formula is either common among them or relates them to each other in one way or another.

Setting in Order

This principle is used to reduce the amount of time waste when locating a certain tool. A certain order is often utilized to ensure that the tools and equipments are stored in a proper manner where one can access them with ease. You can choose to either store them in order of priority or arrange them according to utilization.


The workers should always ensure that everything is return to its original place after work. Shining can also be referred to as sweeping. There are numerous ways in which you can carry this out. Clearing out the dirt in the area by shining the place can make it a safer and more ideal place to work in. This means that the work place will experience fewer accidents.


This is creating a sense of similarity in the workplace. All people should feel equally wanted by the organization. People working on the same level should have identical working conditions in terms of tools, working area and any other facility that will help them in working efficiently.


Ensure that you enforce the principles involved. There should be no withdrawals on any of the principles otherwise they won’t work for your business. They should be renewed and applied each day in order to guarantee you total success.

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