Getting the Most Out of Kaizen

Continuous improvement meeting

The term Kaizen comes from two Japanese words. Kai, which means change, and Zen, which means good. In the manufacturing world, this generally gets translated to mean change for the better, which is the basis for the concept of continuous improvement. Companies that aren’t always looking for ways to improve will find that they are

Gemba Reveals Waste

Gemba reveals waste

With a number of Lean tools at your disposal, it’s important to find the ones that work for your facility. Let’s consider how Gemba, a concept that comes from Lean manufacturing, relates to other Lean ideas. Lean aims to identify and eliminate waste from work processes, ultimately making operations more efficient and less costly while

The Kaizen Group

The Kaizen Group

At its core, kaizen is a group effort. Only when the entire organization embraces the ideals of kaizen will you see its benefits. The dedication to kaizen must start at the highest level of management and must infect middle management and the general workforce like a virus. Kaizen will forever change the manager-worker relationship. Traditionally,

Obeya – The Lean War Room

What is an Obeya? An Obeya room is a major component of Lean manufacturing and Lean-thinking strategies. Originally stemming from the Toyota Production System (TPS), “Obeya” is a Japanese term meaning big room and is often nicknamed the “war room”. The Obeya is a physical space to establish goals, generate ideas, and collaborate will managers.

Key Ingredients for the Success of a Continuous Improvement Team

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The Must-Have Guide To Creating A Stellar Continuous Improvement Program The idea of continual improvement is one that underlies nearly all modern manufacturing philosophy, especially those associated with Lean. Continuous improvement programs seek to make small but constant adjustments to your business that increase efficiency and reduce waste – the idea can be applied to

Lean Thinking Questions

Question: “What Does Lean Thinking Mean To You?” A recent post on a LinkedIn forum sparked some lean thinking questions and a discussion over what exactly phrases like “lean thinking” meant to other users. The author Tony Heath, started off discussion by asking what people thought of the constant use of terms like “lean,” “strategic,”

Applying Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a planning process used by many industries to help standardize and implement ongoing improvement. It is often used with other Lean manufacturing techniques to help identify improvement opportunities, plan out how they will be implemented, and finally, put them into place. By definition, Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning process with built-in

Top Tips For Process Improvement

Tip One: Streamlining Businesses today are facing new product goals, new technologies, and continual changes in the modern business environment. Streamlining can be used effectively to bring about productive and positive business changes that are in line with the state of the art products and services in many industries. Process Improvement can be implemented in