Climbing on Board with a New 5S Program

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You’ve done it! You’ve chosen to start a new 5S program at your business. Get ready for quite the ride with all the improvements that are going to be cascading onto you and your employee’s shoulders as you climb on board with this well-known Lean manufacturing method. Those improvements don’t happen by themselves though, both

5S Factory: Unlocked

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5s is the organization of the workplace or a factory that enables the workers to control their work area and eliminate obstacles that hinder work. The 5s factory system originated from the Japanese work culture and is popular in many work places. There are immense benefits of this system and if implemented efficiently, it can

Product Quality – How can it be better Controlled?

Product Quality Observation

What Drives Product Quality? Quality of products is imperative in just about any business, though its importance changes with a variety of factors. One of these is competition; in a more competitive industry, there is more pressure to create higher value by offering better quality at a given price point. As much as we love

Reducing Waste – Improving Margins vs. Increasing Perceived Customer Value

Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste and Cutting Costs to Improve Profit? We all know that there a lot – and I mean a whole lot – of factors that go into the success of any given business. These range from the highly controlled to sheer dumb luck (though in actuality there are usually underlying items that just appear

Do Companies Save Money by Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a company chooses to contract work out to a third-party. This work is often completed in other countries, where wages tend to be much cheaper. Outsourcing often involves off-shoring a business function to another company. Years ago, outsourcing was only utilized by big companies, such as the Fortune 500 companies. Nowadays, however,

5S is Just Not For Us

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No 5S Here The saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ still reigns true in far too many facilities. Change is difficult, especially when it comes to someone’s livelihood. I recently toured a facility after their remodel and was unfortunately, not surprised by some of the comments I heard regarding 5S. I understand

Do Standup Workstations Improve Productivity?

As you sit in your cubicle day after day, you may not realize that too much sitting can actually shorten your life. Both the American Cancer Society and studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology have shown that sitting all day long for many years increases the chances of illness, type 2 diabetes, obesity,

Top Tips For Process Improvement

Tip One: Streamlining Businesses today are facing new product goals, new technologies, and continual changes in the modern business environment. Streamlining can be used effectively to bring about productive and positive business changes that are in line with the state of the art products and services in many industries. Process Improvement can be implemented in

Mobile Conferences Tweak Productivity

Mobile conferences are becoming ever increasingly more prevalent as the world of cell phones, tablets, and laptops continue to evolve. Now conferences can be delivered through apps and social media, almost eliminating the need for a booklet of conference descriptions and schedules. In addition, the online phone conference lends itself well to creating a conference

3-D Printing: What Does the Future Hold?

Future technologies will influence our business

The Not So Distant Future You’re right in the middle of a filling a major order for one of your biggest clients that is in desperate need of your product, yesterday. All of the sudden, the machine that you use to manufacture this particular product breaks and there’s no way to get the part delivered