How To Make The 5s Principles Work For You In Lean Management

It is considered a great achievement by a company, every time they increase their productivity and/or revenue. While there are very many ways and avenues in which a company can achieve this there is one that is excellent as a long term strategy.

That one method in particular that has proven itself to be effective and convenient, is the implementation of the 5s principles.

This is part of a lean management strategy that ensures the work place is properly organized and well planned. It involves particular steps that have to be carried out by the leaders and workers of the company, alike. These steps ensure that the workplace is both safe and clean. It also ensures that the areas within the workspace are maximized.

The First Thing You Should Do Before Implementing The 5s Principles, Is Understand It.

This will enable you to effectively implement the various steps required with very minimal setbacks. In general, the 5s principles are five steps that utilize a Japanese structure of organization. Each step is uniquely designed to subsequently support the other.

This means that one step can’t be effectively carried out without the other. It also means that the implemented method will not be a success if any of the steps is either skipped or improperly carried out.

You should then educate and enlighten all the staff in the company about the 5s principles once you’ve properly understood them. You should note that implementing this technique should be a team work effort and not a solo project. You should ensure that everybody in the workplace is involved in the process. You must try as much as possible to educate all the employees, irrespective of their ranks or positions.

It’s vital that everyone in the organization is fully aware of the principles and of the method being used to carry them out. This will create a harmonious environment, reduce confusion and ensure that the process is in itself a huge success.

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