Main Goals To Look Out For When Implementing 5s Principles

One of the most important pieces in the philosophy behind the success of the 5s principle is that all the tools and equipments should be placed in an area where they can be easily reached by anyone who needs them.

This greatly reduces any level of inconvenience in the workplace, introduces a streamlined work process and enhances or facilitates a smooth transition from one task to another.

Reducing confusion in the work area is also one of the major objectives that should be achieved. This will eventually lead to a much lower number of mishaps and accidents, thereby creating a safe and secure environment for your employees.

To maintain this level of order, the workers should also ensure that all the tools and equipments are always put back into their original position or place of storage once they have been used and are no longer needed.

This practice will greatly reduce the cases of misplaced or lost tools and reduce any outbreak of disorganized working areas. The tools must be maintained at all times in this orderly cycle of using and returning, so that they can serve the individual workers as they were meant to, as well as your organization for a long time.

It goes without saying that everybody in the workplace should work as a team to ensure that all this is achieved without any setbacks.

They should not only be informed about the 5s implementation, but should also be educated and enlightened so as to understand these new work processes. Working in a clean and tidy area will also boost the confidence of your workers and thus encourage them to offer your organization an even greater commitment when it comes to work delivery or fulfillment.

It is to be noted that the 5s principles were originally created by the Japanese. Specifically, they were started by a man known as Hiroyuki Hirano. He later went on to work with organizations, manufacturers and businesses to ensure that managers and supervisors alike were taught how to both understand as well as implement the 5s principles. He spent time emphasizing each of the phases, teaching and training on and how they should be implemented.

As well, Mr. Hirano greatly expressed the fact that the 5s principles were more than advanced enhancements of techniques used to manage and organize household affairs. All this facts were put under lean management.  This enabled one of the objectives of attaining a clean environment to be achieved.

The Payback for a 5S Implementation

One of the goals attained by implementing 5S, is that of increased productivity in your organization. This achievement boards well with any manager or company executive or leadership figure, since it means the company is improving and therefore will also realize an increase in its revenue.
Productivity will be increased because all the right and required equipment will always be placed where they can be easily accessed. Overall you will also see a savings in both time and energy that can then be channeled towards other income generating activities.

The workers will also be more comfortable since they won’t have to run around looking for various tools and equipments required. All in all, the business that employs 5s as a part of their structure and business philosophy will see a substantial increase in productivity as well as an overall increase in production quality.

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