How Can the 5S System Be Helpful To You?

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5S is one of the efficient manufacturing methodologies. It is a system that many companies cannot afford not to execute in their production processes because of its many benefits not only to the bottom line but to the well-being of the company and its employees.
The system was designed by Toyota to achieve greater efficiencies in their production process.  The term 5S is widely recognized as referring to; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

There are 5S products that are very helpful in achieving a company’s desired results and which help to make the business surroundings a better place to work as well as offer a safer working environment for workers and staff alike. With the application of the 5S system come many advantages such as the improved use of available resources, reduced machine breakdowns and defects in final goods, and less frustration and stress. The Toyota Manager said, “Our priority is 2S, sort and set in order. It has helped us in reducing accidents and improving the working environment which is very important to get quality finished goods every time.”

There are many quality 5S Blogs available to help those who are interested in researching detailed information regarding the 5S system and its technicalities. These blogs offer a large volume of information. Some of the blogs are specifically run by 5S experts, allowing you to find and gather in-depth knowledge.

If you are a manufacturer who is experiencing problems such as late delivery of final goods, improper or poor production processes, employee retention, and the like, then perhaps it is time for you and your team to start looking into and using 5S techniques and supplies throughout your organization, to create a more ideal production system. It will not only help you in retaining existing customers, but you will also be able to attract more customers.

It is a company’s vital responsibility to make sure that this system is properly initiated and all of the required equipment is available to support the 5S system wherever needed. A good way to quickly ramp up into deploying and using the 5S system for your firm is to consult experts or offer 5S-certified individuals employment with your firm. The 5S expert will be able to get you and your team quickly into a position of not only understanding and implementing the more efficient and streamlined 5S system but will also be able to fairly quickly affect the bottom line as you see waste reduced, delays eliminated and an overabundance of inventory removed.

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