Change Your Company Through Strategic Thinking

Strategic leadership provides a way out

Strategic Leadership As the decision maker of your company, perhaps even the very company you created or help create out of nothing more than a dream, it is your job to stay the course and keep that ship on an even keel – in other words, profitable and stable. But now that the company has

Utilizing The 5S Principles In Lean Management To Your Advantage

Proper organization policies are very vital in any company that wants to run smoothly. This is because organization creates a smooth transitional flow from one process to another. One of the most common and popular methods of implementing such organizations in a company is the lean management method. It has, over the years, proven itself

Understanding How The 5S Principles Came To Being

The 5s principles are believed to have been created by the Japanese people. The principals initially surfaced as terms used to describe the ‘Just in Time manufacturing’ philosophy. The ‘Just-in-time manufacturing’ philosophy was more of a technique whose main aim was business revenues by decreasing inventory. In the late 21st century, scholars from other countries

What Are The Problems Associated With 5s

5s is one of the most fundamental building blocks of in a lean process. However, many people often implement it poorly or misinterpret it and that why it ends up giving the results that they didn’t expect to have. We can be able to understand some of these issues of misinterpretation by deeply exploring the