Why Company Bonuses May be out the Window

Annual bonuses are something that many employees look forward to throughout the year. Whether these bonuses are based on individual performance, or the performance of the company, they are a long standing tradition in many organizations. At first glance, bonuses seem to be a great way to reward employees for their hard work throughout the

Is It Time to Buy Into the Paperless World?

Going paperless is an obvious way to reduce waste and help out the environment, but most business owners aren’t concerned about lifting the burden on Mother Nature. What most owners are concerned about is helping their businesses operate more smoothly and on less funding, and that’s exactly what would happen after eliminating paper documents. The

Another Recall For Toyota

Toyota's Recall Problem

The Lean Leader braces for its latest recall Once again, the father of Lean manufacturing is making headlines for the wrong reasons. The automaker has yet another recall on some of their best selling models, opening the door again for scrutiny and criticism regarding their Lean methods. Toyota’s Lean manufacturing techniques have become so popular

3-D Printing: What Does the Future Hold?

Future technologies will influence our business

The Not So Distant Future You’re right in the middle of a filling a major order for one of your biggest clients that is in desperate need of your product, yesterday. All of the sudden, the machine that you use to manufacture this particular product breaks and there’s no way to get the part delivered