Visual Mapping Strategies, A Mess of Options

Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping and Flow Charts Ever wondered what the differences between things like flow charts and process maps were? Are they actually different at all or are they just different names for more or less the same thing? What problems do each address? When should you use one over the other? If you have ever

A Tale of Two Theories – LEAN or Six Sigma

A Tale of Two Theories Have you heard the term ‘Lean Six Sigma’?  Of course you have. But wait!  Did you know that ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ are actually two different methodologies?  Alright, you probably had some idea of that too. Why, then, is it that we so often intertwine these two cryptic workplace improvement

These Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Lean Efforts

For most businesses these days, Lean Six Sigma is an extremely common business practice to be implemented, but it isn’t always as easy as certain guides, or especially successful case studies, might make it seem. One of the biggest things that happens in Lean for new companies is that they struggle to use tools effectively

8 Requirements for Six Sigma Success

After going through the classes and other educational experiences to get six sigma certified (at any belt level) most people want to jump right in and start working on a six sigma project (or two). Companies, of course, are also very interested in implementing these types of projects, after all, that is why the company

The Transitional Steps Involved In The 5s Principles During Implementation

The 5s principles are an ideal way of bringing a sense of order and organization into any company. It’s one of the best ways available for enhancing customer satisfaction and motivating workers. However, you need to take note that there are certain steps involved in properly implementing the technique. Each of these steps are vital