5S Principles As A Foundation For Other Lean Management Techniques

The 5s principles have over the years proved to be very effective in ensuring that maximum productivity is achieved through times saving and reducing waste. It has been adopted by several organizations that have flourished due to its system.

The 5s principle involve s processes that should be followed in a workplace. They include sustain (Shitsuke), sort (Seiri), shine (Seiso), standardize (Seiketsu) and set in order (Seiton).

These processes enable the workplace to be more productive by enhancing time saving techniques. They are very vital in also ensuring that the environment is conducive for the workers. There are many other methods that can be utilized to ensure that an organization has a system that is well planned and reduces waste.

These methods however require the implementation of 5s prior to their adoption. Its however not necessary to implement the 5s system before using this methods though companies and organizations that have done so have experienced a highly level of success.

Other Lean Management Methods That Can Be Implemented Using The Help Of The 5s principles Include:

  • TPM (Total Productive maintenance): this is a lean management method that ensures that production tools are effective. This is done by channeling the efforts and contributions of every single system towards maintenance. The 5s principle provide a very conducive environment where this can be made possible.
  • This is because 5s will ensure that time spared will be used effectively since the employees will be able to concentrate on such matters. It will also motivate the workers to be more productive in what they are doing and thus put extra effort in maximizing the effectiveness of tools and equipments.
  • Cellular manufacturing: this is almost similar to 5s principle since tools and equipments that are used in productions are systematically planned or arranged in a manner that enhances smooth operations within the workplace. Just like the 5s principle, cellular manufacturing reduces time wasting.

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