Climbing on Board with a New 5S Program

5S guide and poster

You’ve done it! You’ve chosen to start a new 5S program at your business. Get ready for quite the ride with all the improvements that are going to be cascading onto you and your employee’s shoulders as you climb on board with this well-known Lean manufacturing method. Those improvements don’t happen by themselves though, both

5S Factory: Unlocked

factory with 5S work cells

5s is the organization of the workplace or a factory that enables the workers to control their work area and eliminate obstacles that hinder work. The 5s factory system originated from the Japanese work culture and is popular in many work places. There are immense benefits of this system and if implemented efficiently, it can

The First Pillar of 5S: Sort

5S Sort

Kicking off a 5S program begins with Seiri, or the Sorting step. Unused or little-used inventory and tools hamper productivity, create hazards, and hinder job performance. Industrial facilities and offices alike can get used to clutter and not see the wastes of a disorganized space. In reality, excessive tools and materials can impede workflow as

5 Reasons Manufacturing Businesses Should Implement 5S

The success of any business is defined by how efficiently it is run. For this reason, business owners in the manufacturing industry have to keep themselves abreast of different strategies that help them maximize their industrial output by making optimum use of the available resources. With the global success that Japanese industries have managed to

5S Supplies You Need: Foam Organizers

foam organizer

A crucial and fundamental part of any 5S implementation is the organization of the items you use on a daily basis. Having your important items where you need them, when you need them is an essential piece of why we do 5S in the first place. The goal is to continuously be working towards eliminating

Is It Time to Buy Into the Paperless World?

Going paperless is an obvious way to reduce waste and help out the environment, but most business owners aren’t concerned about lifting the burden on Mother Nature. What most owners are concerned about is helping their businesses operate more smoothly and on less funding, and that’s exactly what would happen after eliminating paper documents. The

5S: More Than Meets The Eye


The Lean manufacturing process known as 5S has become one of the most universally adopted tools of Lean. Whether your an office in the suburbs or a major manufacturing plant in the city, organizations have found value from using 5S as a workplace management tool. From the outside looking in, 5S can seem like merely

The Hawthorne Effect on 5S

Observing employees through the Hawthorne Effect

In the early 1920s and early 1930s in a small suburb of Chicago an Australian-born sociologist conducted some of the most famous series of experiments in industrial research. Elton Mayo would go on to become a professor of industrial research at Harvard University, but he will always be known for his work with The Hawthorne

5S and the Visual Workplace

Visual Workplace

5S has become one of the most precise processes for any organization that has adopted a lean methodology. It has been considered the foundation for lean concepts, while providing the stability for sustaining continuous improvement along the way. A key to sustaining 5S however, is combining 5S and the visual workplace concept together, to work