5S is Just Not For Us

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No 5S Here The saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ still reigns true in far too many facilities. Change is difficult, especially when it comes to someone’s livelihood. I recently toured a facility after their remodel and was unfortunately, not surprised by some of the comments I heard regarding 5S. I understand

The Visual Workplace

visual workplace

What is a Visual Workplace? In simple terms, the visual workplace is a workplace that places critical information at the point of use, but lets take a closer look. Coined by Lean manufacturing experts, the visual workplace is a concept that focuses on visual cues around the workplace in order to reveal critical information. Through

Hello Safety, My Name Is Lean

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Nice To Meet You The two biggest waves to hit the American workplace in recent years are Lean and improved safety agendas. Both have revolutionized the workplace leading to safer, more productive and efficient organizations everywhere. One doesn’t necessarily always lead to the other, but in the case of Lean, organizations are seeing tremendous improvements

5S: More Than Meets The Eye


The Lean manufacturing process known as 5S has become one of the most universally adopted tools of Lean. Whether your an office in the suburbs or a major manufacturing plant in the city, organizations have found value from using 5S as a workplace management tool. From the outside looking in, 5S can seem like merely

Bring 5S Home

The last thing most of us want to do after a long shift is to bring our work home with us. It’s a separation that is necessary for our livelihood, creativity and lets not forget, our sanity. But what happens when a function of work can actual improve your home life as it does your