Other Supporting Principles Of The 5S Methodology In A Work Place Organization

The 5s principles initially implemented by the Japanese for workplace organization has greatly improved the way business across operate and handle their business.

They are a way of bringing a sense of sanity and order in any workplace. They ensure that workers operate with ease since they are able to enjoy their place of work. It also saves an organization a lot of time that can be channeled on other income generating activities.

The time spared is as a result of workers being able to locate their various working tools with ease. However, the 5s principle cannot be effectively implemented without the help of a few other principles.

Coincidentally this principle also start with the letter‘s’ though they cannot be included in the principle since they are just but minor affiliates of the principle itself. The additional principles are simply used in bringing out the proper meaning of the methodology and guiding any user on how to implement them. They include:

It can be considered as the sixth principle of the methodology. There has been serious discussions by experts across the world on whether this principle carries enough weight by itself to be added to the principles and therefore make it 6s.

However, there hasn’t been enough evidence to show that safety as an organization principle can be effective in improving organization in a workplace. That’s why it’s just been considered as an outcome or benefits that come out of ensuring a workplace is well organized. Safety improves the working conditions of your worker ensuring that they are always fit to serve you for long.

This could have been the seventh principle only if safety was inducted into the Japanese organization methodology often referred to as 5s. You should note that the term security in this case doesn’t mean refer to the level of safety in terms of risks and danger. It actually means a sense of guarantee in terms of investments.

This can definitely not be included as a principle since it’s obviously an outcome of successful 5s implementation. An organized working area often gives both the workers and employees a sense of fulfillment. It also motivates them to put in more effort and thus increase productivity.

Everyone will work with ease if the 5s are implemented fully. This will not only increase their satisfaction but will also have them more engaged in making sure that the place is well organized.

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