5S Factory: Unlocked

factory with 5S work cells

5s is the organization of the workplace or a factory that enables the workers to control their work area and eliminate obstacles that hinder work. The 5s factory system originated from the Japanese work culture and is popular in many work places. There are immense benefits of this system and if implemented efficiently, it can

A Tale of Two Theories – LEAN or Six Sigma

A Tale of Two Theories Have you heard the term ‘Lean Six Sigma’?  Of course you have. But wait!  Did you know that ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ are actually two different methodologies?  Alright, you probably had some idea of that too. Why, then, is it that we so often intertwine these two cryptic workplace improvement

Applying Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a planning process used by many industries to help standardize and implement ongoing improvement. It is often used with other Lean manufacturing techniques to help identify improvement opportunities, plan out how they will be implemented, and finally, put them into place. By definition, Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning process with built-in

Robots are Improving Productivity in the Manufacturing World

Robots are no longer a dream of science fiction fanatics. They’re increasingly being used in the industrial world to help improve productivity for manufacturers, and can be designed to perform tasks like welding, assembly, painting, packaging, and product inspection & testing. The United States first began utilizing industrial robots in 1961 when General Motors employed

The Visual Workplace

visual workplace

What is a Visual Workplace? In simple terms, the visual workplace is a workplace that places critical information at the point of use, but lets take a closer look. Coined by Lean manufacturing experts, the visual workplace is a concept that focuses on visual cues around the workplace in order to reveal critical information. Through

Hello Safety, My Name Is Lean

Lean Name tag for Creative Safety Supply blog post

Nice To Meet You The two biggest waves to hit the American workplace in recent years are Lean and improved safety agendas. Both have revolutionized the workplace leading to safer, more productive and efficient organizations everywhere. One doesn’t necessarily always lead to the other, but in the case of Lean, organizations are seeing tremendous improvements

The Hawthorne Effect on 5S

Observing employees through the Hawthorne Effect

In the early 1920s and early 1930s in a small suburb of Chicago an Australian-born sociologist conducted some of the most famous series of experiments in industrial research. Elton Mayo would go on to become a professor of industrial research at Harvard University, but he will always be known for his work with The Hawthorne

The 5S Steering Committee

Implementing a 5S program into your organization’s structure and procedures is a positive step in your lean transformation. The initial implementation is a lot of work and takes skilled trainers to make the transition effective, but sustaining your 5S process can be just as challenging. This is where your 5S steering committee can make a