The Dangers of Combustible Dust within the Workplace

There are many hazards when working in factories, but a combustible dust explosion is one of the most dangerous. They have been known to injure and actually kill employees and devastate companies. Understanding combustible dust and what causes combustible dust explosions is the first step toward identifying hazards and protecting companies against these deadly disasters.

The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

The quality of our posture has a direct impact on every moment of our lives. When CEOs, supervisors, managers or even employees forget or neglect this simple fact, everyone suffers. The workers suffer strain, stress and injury, and the upper management loses profit and credibility as they head into the future. The subject of the

Robots are Improving Productivity in the Manufacturing World

Robots are no longer a dream of science fiction fanatics. They’re increasingly being used in the industrial world to help improve productivity for manufacturers, and can be designed to perform tasks like welding, assembly, painting, packaging, and product inspection & testing. The United States first began utilizing industrial robots in 1961 when General Motors employed

Hello Safety, My Name Is Lean

Lean Name tag for Creative Safety Supply blog post

Nice To Meet You The two biggest waves to hit the American workplace in recent years are Lean and improved safety agendas. Both have revolutionized the workplace leading to safer, more productive and efficient organizations everywhere. One doesn’t necessarily always lead to the other, but in the case of Lean, organizations are seeing tremendous improvements

The 5S Steering Committee

Implementing a 5S program into your organization’s structure and procedures is a positive step in your lean transformation. The initial implementation is a lot of work and takes skilled trainers to make the transition effective, but sustaining your 5S process can be just as challenging. This is where your 5S steering committee can make a

5 Value Added Tips for a Lean Warehouse

Whether you are running an existing warehouse or you’re looking to open a new one, it is always a good time to look at implementing or improving lean concepts. When lean strategies are followed in warehouse environments it can help eliminate wasted time and energy, and improve the responsiveness of the facility as well. Many

Solving Power Outage Issues One Roll at a Time

Glow Tape to the rescue! A rumble in the sky, flickering lights, and darkness. Sound familiar? A good safety management program is constantly looking for ways to improve and be more efficient. A power outage can challenge all facets of your safety planning and give safety coordinators fits when they hit. They can occur out

Benefits Of Investing In Both A 5s Process And 5s Products

Implementing 5s is one of the forms of having lean management in a company. There are many organizations that underestimate the benefits that may result from implementing the process and investing in 5s products. As opposed to what many people believe, 5s is far more than just housekeeping and can potentially increase operational efficiency by