Implementing The 5s Principles In Transactional And Service Process

Both the transactional and service process interacts in today’s market with growing complexity. An investor can cash in on low customer waiting time found in transactional services. In general, transactional offers competitive advantage, simple graphic user interface and increased usability.

What’s The Difference Between Transactional And Service Process?

In a transactional process, the potential customer or client is browsing your services and products on the internet, regularly visiting your website or using any other form of technology to buy and access services and products. On the other hand a service process, the client or customer is often waiting on the other end of the phone, at the counter or in the aisle. 5s products in both transactional and service process will make lean improvement to you business.

Interpreting the 5s Method for Transactional and Service Processes

The 5s method has been used in lean management of any type of business whether it’s transactional or service. Here is an example of how 5s works in both transition and service process

In the service process, you will need to sort products in the shelf in the right amount. This will help meet the customers demand according to the duration in which they are known to shop for a product. You should put the higher demand goods in an easily accessible area while other can be placed in a lower demand area. On the other hand, you’ll need to sort high demand products to the main view for the transactional services. There should be no distractions so as not to confuse the customer.


This step straightens up area with the right amount of items required to perform the task. In the transactional process, an application form might be required where information would be entered according to the structured fields.


Now that you have moved all the low demand and frequency items in both transactional and service, only high demand items will be located. In a service process, you will need to repaint, add door or clean the area while in transactional, you’ll need to highlight the areas where you want your potential client to focus.


This step is used to stabilize the process. You should note that visual controls work really great during this step. For the service process, you will need to add label, replenished signals or wheels to make moving easier. In transactional process, you’ll need to use look-up fields for standard entry choices, input masks to the fields or use visual signs and color to increase usability.


This step is about the process control. It helps in generating continuous improvement. For service process a checklist and schedule will be assigned to across the team. On the other hand metrics will be used for the transactional process.

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