The Secret Organization Of Kaizen 5S

The use of 5s has yielded very different results among various corporations. This can be attributed to the fact that many companies have a different perception and understanding of the 5s. The situation has been made worse by many moments of frustration and stress as a result of team members and operators believing that ‘cleaning up’ is the definition of 5s. This is actually a small portion of 5s to actually qualify to become its definition. In real sense, 5s is a method or technique of taking a working area and then converting it into a high performing workplace or area.  It’s actually a simple step by step method of removing as much thought as possible from the process of the company. You should note that the process of 5s will vary between consultants and companies. However, the main purpose of implementing it will always remain the same.

What Are The Versions Of 5s?

The goal of making levels or versions is to give objectives, organize a workplace and eventually maintain it. 5s is typically sort as 5s level 1, 5s level 2, 5s level 3, 5s level 4 and so on. You should note that the achievements and purposes remain the same for each level. However, these levels use different methods and terms, but eventually work towards the same goal which is to keep a tidy and clean company workplace and push to maintain that.

5s, 5 s

Why use 5s?

5s is considered a lean process due to the fact that it serves to take wastes out on a daily operation. It’s very obvious that waiting around is a form of wasting time. You should therefore try to save some amount of time by not spending it on non-value things like thinking about a location of a specific tool that is required for a particular job. You will save a lot of time by knowing where everything is and being able to quickly return them to their original place once you are done with them. You will also have gained more productivity.

5s is always a great test for your company or organization. It can be used to check for the level of commitment from your workers or employees. You will have very hard times in your company should you try to implement 5s in your company only for it to fail in less than a week. This will evidently show that your company is not continuously improving. You should therefore try and train your employees to understand the basic concept and it’s foundation for a successful continuous improvement program.

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