Jump Start your 5S Program

Many companies have implemented a 5S program for their facility, and while it may have gone well at first it starts to slow down over time.  This is because a 5S program isn’t a onetime event, it’s an ongoing set of standards which need to be constantly reviewed and improved.

Of course, that is much easier said than done in most cases, but with a little effort it is possible to jump start your 5S program and get everything back on track.  The following tips can work on their own, or combined together to help improve the results of your program both for the immediate future and the long term success of 5S in your facility.

Plan the Future

Everyone recognizes that when they are implementing a 5S plan for their facility the first time they need to have a great plan of action.  Unfortunately, too many people forget to keep that plan updated after the first few months.  If you want to keep your 5S program running strong for years at a time, it is essential to plan every step of it out.  Things like 5S events, audits and other things should be scheduled well in advance so everyone is aware of them and willing to put in the work needed for their success.

Promote the Program

While some people might naturally get excited over 5S events or updating the procedures to improve efficiency in an area, that is not the case for most.  For any 5S program to be successful it needs to have the support of people at all levels of the facility, and that takes a little bit of promotion.  There are many different options to choose from, and the specific type of promotion will depend on the specifics of the facility, but this is an important part of every 5S program.  If you feel the 5S implementation is slowing down, think of a way to kick up the excitement!


No program can be successful if all the tools and other items needed for its success.  When first implementing 5S programs most facilities purchase all sorts of things to support the implementation, but in the months afterwards it is equally essential to resupply these types of things.  Keeping a good stock of 5S items available will make it easier for everyone to continue to follow the procedures and maintain the good habits which are so essential to the success of these procedures.

Make it Popular

Similar to promoting the program, making it popular is essential to the success of 5S strategies in the long term.  Many facilities use reward based systems to help encourage people to adopt the 5S concepts, and keep them going.  Others will use a type of competition to keep them engaged.  There are many different ways a facility can make this type of thing more popular among both the front line workers and the management as well.  When people like the 5S program they are much more likely to keep up on it without needing to be constantly reminded.

If you are looking for help in discovering and following the path of 5S, you can find informative guides and training here:  http://www.5stoday.com/

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