Solving Power Outage Issues One Roll at a Time

Glow Tape to the rescue!

A rumble in the sky, flickering lights, and darkness. Sound familiar?

A good safety management program is constantly looking for ways to improve and be more efficient. A power outage can challenge all facets of your safety planning and give safety coordinators fits when they hit.

They can occur out of nowhere and come at the most inconvenient of times, regardless of your geographic location. Of course, your company has guidelines and procedures to help you through the process, but what do you do when you simply can’t see where you’re going?

You can’t light a candle for the fear of a fire hazard and a flashlight is nowhere to be found. The solution- Glow Tape!

No need to panic

The uneasiness that darkness can bring, can quickly be eased by the illumination of the many glow in the dark safety tapes recently released by the makers of Safety Tac Floor Tape.

Glow in the dark tape provides a level of commitment to safety that can make all the difference in the world when a power outage does occur. The tape is made from the same class leading material as Safety Tac Floor Tape, but will glow in the dark for up to eight hours!

Imagine a tape with the same strength and durability as it’s predecessor, but able to shine bright in a moment of darkness, when you need it most. The tape is built to hold up against forklifts, heavy foot traffic, and virtually anything you put it up against, including a power outage.

“We ship and accept deliveries during the night and I was pleasantly surprised with how well this tape illuminates our loading dock”-Byron Dawkson, plant manager

This latest addition to the Safety Tac Floor Tape line can be used in various settings besides just manufacturing plants. It’s great in institutional settings, such as hospitals and nursing homes as well. Basically, anywhere assistance might be needed in a low-lit or a danger area, glow tape can provide the needed help. Use it on floors, walls, steps, equipment, and essentially any dry, flat surface.


Glow tape products are offered in a variety of lengths and widths to meet your needs. Also, consider the benefits of having custom shapes or signs designed out of the glow tape material. One might have glow in the dark foot prints designed with “follow me to safety” marked within.

All glow tape products from Safety Tac are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and washable, to ensure they will always maintain the highest luminosity over their lifetime.

Slippery when wet

Whether your working in a manufacturing plant or running the backstage of a theater, glow tape can be a life saving assistant, even in wet or damp conditions. Yes, that’s right, glow tape also comes in glow in the dark traction tape to help prevent slipping and falling during a power outage.

The glow in the dark traction tape and adhesive is water and chemical resistant in most cases. The tape can even be used outdoors when needed.

A power outage can hinder an entire operation and pose several risks to your companies safety. Glow tape could very well be the answer to your companies power outage issues.

For more information or to speak with someone with experience in installing glow tape and its properties, including the positive impacts it could have on your safety planning, call a representative at 866-777-1360 or email

Free floor tape guide and poster
Free floor tape guide and poster

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