Mobile Conferences Tweak Productivity

Mobile conferences are becoming ever increasingly more prevalent as the world of cell phones, tablets, and laptops continue to evolve. Now conferences can be delivered through apps and social media, almost eliminating the need for a booklet of conference descriptions and schedules. In addition, the online phone conference lends itself well to creating a conference with a mobile focus, whether you attend in person partially, fully, or via cell phone conference call.

On the Go

Mobile conferences work well because everyone is on the go, wants to participate quickly, and wants to make a maximum impact. Conferences that are in person, only, tend to unwind slowly. There is a lot of down time, time to flip through schedules or wait until the next conference paper, meeting, or panel. A mobile conference does away with all that. You don’t have time to kill because you have filled it with mobile calls, and if you are attending the sessions partially, you have time between panels or sessions with the freedom that the mobile device brings. You can take the conference call in pajamas, poolside, or working out at the gym, make your lunch date and be on time to the session you wish to attend.

The aspects of the mobile conference that are most desirable are the effortless, concise, clear programs that are filtered through apps and are easy to navigate via tablet, cell, or laptop. Instead of having to flip through a lengthy guide with a pen, you can search directly the text to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the mobile conference software even allows for the building of a schedule, which you can access and print like a college schedule.

Heavy Use of Technology

A nice thing about mobile conferences is the heavy use of technology, like IM, email, and instant text messaging in general. Your boss or co-workers can be in touch with a quick text, and you can receive messages and updates on conference changes, minor or major, which makes communication a cinch and much more accessible than if the conference is running on a paper, printed brochure or conference schedule.

This communication translates nicely into post-conference twitter, which can be translated into action bulletins, lessons learned, reflections or other work-related updates, a nice way to begin integrating what you learned into the future of your work or business. A conference list serv can be established, too, to create a conversation–or via LinkedIn–about the session and how it can be applied to your business’ future.

Encourage Productivity

Finally, mobile conferences are good because they encourage productivity. There is little waste, either in time or shuffling of papers. Productivity is always a goal in most business, academic, or professional settings, and mobile conferences tend to be leaner as the web-based approach is more direct than a paper one.

5S-guide-guide-and-posterInteractivity, constant communication, updates, and the ever-evolving nature of technology lends itself to this fact. The fact that you are using social media, the interactive conference app, and texts to communicate mean that the mobile conference will automatically involve more active and critical thinking skills versus a more traditional paper conference approach. Like a classroom without walls, the mobile conference will encourage more activity because texting translates well into thinking, movement, decision making, and communication.

Finally, no matter what type of conference you attend it’s important to remember that you can use your own technology to make conferences a little more active. Try to set some goals like checking in with colleagues or your boss–or texting a reaction. Having people sign an attendance sheet or submit their schedules is another way to keep people engaged with the process and each other.

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