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 The beginning of the end for floor paint?

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Floor Tape vs Floor Paint Infographic

Floor tape vs floor paint, which is best for you?

Aisle and floor marking are one of the most powerful processes used in the 5S Set in Order Phase. The benefits of using floor tape over floor paint for your organizational lines are becoming overwhelmingly clear. As more and more companies switch to the 5S methods, floor paint seems to be becoming a thing of the past. The movement towards the more dependable and long lasting floor tape is in full swing, but deciding which one to buy can be tough, especially without having a product in hand to test.

One company though, is offering up a variety of their leading products at no charge, to sample and put to the test. The free offer includes samples of their best products, all designed to help your organization become safer, more efficient, productive, and 5S ready.

Check out this infographic!

Creative Safety Supply, a leader in innovation and 5S supplies, created SafetyTac Floor Tape to be the most effective, longest lasting method of marking industrial floors. The company believes their product coincides directly with their mission:

to be creative, positive, and help our customers build a safe work place

We already use floor paint though

Think about the principles of the 5S system and why you decided to switch to this plan of action. Old habits can be hard to break, especially when you’ve done it repeatedly for years. However, this is no competition, floor paint requires more materials, man hours, and down time while your wait for the paint to dry, in some cases up to 72 hours! Not to mention, paint has a shorter life span than floor tape. It needs to be re-applied more often to be effective and keep operations running safe and organized.

“Not only has SafetyTac kept us from having to paint our floors every 4-5 months like we had been doing for years- it was easier to put down, easier to clean, and just looks better on top of it all-“ Ricardo R. Maintenance &EHS

The success of your 5S system is your ability to eliminate waste and increasing productivity. Shutting down work areas while you paint, using man hours to paint, instead of their regular job, and the overall frustration caused by the process of painting, are examples of activities your company should be eliminating, not encouraging.

With options like the SafetyTac Floor Tape, it’s easy to see why more companies are switching over to the more efficient, less hassle method to a key component of the 5S system.

Why SafetyTac?

SafetyTac is now considered the leading brand of industrial floor marking tapes on the market. Customers have tested the tape over and over again. Forklifts, trucks, heavy foot traffic, chemicals, greases, and pallets seem to be not match for the tape. The tough PVC material, low profile design, combined with dual tampered edges, allows the SafetyTac Floor Tape to resists threats without issue and outlast its competitors.

We have lots of traffic in our plant from employees as well as from our cars and forklifts. Our vinyl tape lines would be totaled in a couple months, whereas our SafetyTac tape has lasted more than 2 years and still going strong. -Charles T., SVP of Engineering Operations

The tape is designed to meet OSHA standards and is ideal for all your 5S needs including forklift lanes, manufacturing floors, warehouse floors, work area boundaries, and safety boundaries. It’s offered in a variety of colors and widths to meet all your 5S marking needs you may have.

The installation is quick and easy! Simply peel the backing off the tape and apply to an already clean and dry floor. Once in place, apply at least 250lb’s of pressure and you’re ready to go. No clean up, just a quality product built to last.

SafetyTac Floor Tape was designed to have your company work safer and smarter.

Properly marked floors and work places have shown to help avoid costly workplace accidents, while improving efficiency, and increasing productivity. All key principles to the 5S system.

To get your free box of SafetyTac Floor Tape samples, contact Creative Safety Supply at 1-866-777-1360 by phone, or by email at info@creativesafetysupply.com.

Free floor tape guide and poster
Free floor tape guide and poster

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