Does Employee Recognition Improve Productivity?

Employee recognition improves productivity if it is done correctly. If it is done poorly it may have the opposite effect intended and actually decrease employee productivity and morale. Most companies have some kind of employee recognition program, with over 80 percent reporting that they have made an effort to reward employees, according to the WorldAtWork

5 Reasons Manufacturing Businesses Should Implement 5S

The success of any business is defined by how efficiently it is run. For this reason, business owners in the manufacturing industry have to keep themselves abreast of different strategies that help them maximize their industrial output by making optimum use of the available resources. With the global success that Japanese industries have managed to

8 Requirements for Six Sigma Success

After going through the classes and other educational experiences to get six sigma certified (at any belt level) most people want to jump right in and start working on a six sigma project (or two). Companies, of course, are also very interested in implementing these types of projects, after all, that is why the company

5S is Just Not For Us

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No 5S Here The saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ still reigns true in far too many facilities. Change is difficult, especially when it comes to someone’s livelihood. I recently toured a facility after their remodel and was unfortunately, not surprised by some of the comments I heard regarding 5S. I understand

When to Delegate and When Not to Delegate

Delegation is a crucial aspect of managing any business, team, or group of people. If you are serious about doing a good job at overseeing a team of individuals, you need to realize that you cannot do everything yourself. When delegation is done properly it can save time, develop the team you are working with,

The Visual Workplace

visual workplace

What is a Visual Workplace? In simple terms, the visual workplace is a workplace that places critical information at the point of use, but lets take a closer look. Coined by Lean manufacturing experts, the visual workplace is a concept that focuses on visual cues around the workplace in order to reveal critical information. Through

Lean and Mean: Making Time to Achieve It

Lean and mean. Everybody has heard that one. In the business environment it means to trim the excess–real as well as figuratively–and do the work better, more efficiently, and with a greater eye towards quality versus quantity, and greater profitability. Unfortunately, as many organizations have found, as soon as the cheerleading is finished, often very


In a business environment, efficiency and productivity are affected by many factors. Understanding all of these can be quite complex. That’s why it’s useful to come up with some simple tools to make it easier to address problems. One such tool is the acronym DOWNTIME. Each letter in this word stands for one of the

The Building Blocks of a Lean Organization

Building a lean organization not only helps keep operating costs down and making a profit margin or productivity level as large as possible, it also instills high efficiency routines that remain in the long-term as well. Doing so provides organizations and companies with buffers they can then rely on when times are tough or additional

Getting To Know The Product-Process Matrix

Overview of production process

When deadlines approach and it seems like there’s no way you’re going to pull through, work flow can potentially become unorganized and chaotic without the proper guidance. Part of the Lean and continuous improvement process is being able to effectively organize processes in the most efficient manner. Specific tools and procedures have been developed through