Getting To Know The Product-Process Matrix

Overview of production process

When deadlines approach and it seems like there’s no way you’re going to pull through, work flow can potentially become unorganized and chaotic without the proper guidance. Part of the Lean and continuous improvement process is being able to effectively organize processes in the most efficient manner. Specific tools and procedures have been developed through

Lean Implementation and Respect for People

Whether attempting to implement lean strategies for the first time in a company or simply making improvements to an already lean culture, it is important to understand how respect for people is involved. Many people who work with lean concepts simply look at the strategies involved and how they can be put in place in

Standardized Work

When looking through all the lean concepts and strategies out there it is clear that standardized work is the one which typically has the least amount of time spent on it. There is relatively little training material or studies done on this particular area. This is unfortunate because when looking at most offices and manufacturing

Problems with Sustaining

When companies adopt new strategies for innovation and improvement they often make a lot of progress quickly, but then fall into stagnation or even lose the advancements they made.  When, for example, a company takes on a Kaizen initiative they typically get the resources needed to complete the project successfully.  With all the effort focused

Top Ten Suggestions for 5S Success

Think safety road sign

At its root, 5S is a system reliant upon the culture and philosophy behind its implementation. Your companies willingness to embrace its ideals can make all the difference in the process. The benefits to a successful 5S culture are endless and extremely beneficial to everyone involved. Examples of a correctly implemented 5S system include, lower

Change Your Company Through Strategic Thinking

Strategic leadership provides a way out

Strategic Leadership As the decision maker of your company, perhaps even the very company you created or help create out of nothing more than a dream, it is your job to stay the course and keep that ship on an even keel – in other words, profitable and stable. But now that the company has

What Does A Company Utilizing 5s Lean Management Stand To Gain?


A lot of companies and organizations often don’t see the need for deploying the 5s principles. This is often attributed to the fact that a lot of them really don’t understand what they will gain by taking the steps that will help them in organizing and streamlining their daily routines. However, with the right tools and