5S Supplies You Need: Foam Organizers

A crucial and fundamental part of any 5S implementation is the organization of the items you use on a daily basis. Having your important items where you need them, when you need them is an essential piece of why we do 5S in the first place. The goal is to continuously be working towards eliminating waste and increasing productivity. When you are always looking for your tools, your efficiency is dramatically decreased. Waste is then being added, not eliminated. A simple, yet effective tool that 5S organizations and many others are using to keep their tools organized is foam organizers or inserts.

Why foam organizers?

foam organizerWhether you think so or not, time is always of the essence when it comes to completing a project. Each moment that you spend looking for an item you need to complete a project, is time away from the actual work being done. This slows the whole process down, which can impact more than the current project you’re working on. It can affect your pay, quality of work, and ultimately the customer experience.

The ability to improve yourself and your work for that matter, requires you to look at all aspects of the processes you use throughout your day. Even down to your tool drawer. Foam organizers are much more than a nice way to keep your tools organized and in good working order. They are a way to improve yourself and the processes that make up your day. The more efficient you become, the better employee you become, making you a more valued asset to your organization.

Foam organizers also allow you to keep track of your tools. This is especially nice if you work in an area where a lot of people are coming and going. When every tool has a specific home, it is clear when something is missing or out of place.

Foam organizers improve efficiency

Foam organizers have been hailed by many in the auto industry as simply the best invention for anyone who uses a tool drawer to store their tools. The ability to have an instant visual of your tool inventory upon opening a drawer can do wonders for your work flow.

We’ve all had that cluttered tool drawer that provides an endless struggle to find what you’re looking for. No matter how many times you attempt to organize it, it’s still a headache each time you need something. However, when you install a foam organizer to your drawer and specify a location for each tool, the struggle is gone.

Opening a your tool drawer becomes a delight, rather than a chaotic experience. This not only increases your efficiency and productivity, but also your overall work experience and happiness.

Not only does organizing your tools with a foam organizer keep your tools where you need them, but it also keeps them safe and protected. When you surround your tools with the soft foam, the longevity of your tools increases and they stay looking new for years to come.

Your tool drawers are also protected when you install foam organizers into them. They are no longer susceptible to your tools banging around in them each time you open your drawers, scratching and denting them each time you do so.


Many retailers provide multi-colored foam organizer kits. This allows you to lay a separate color underneath the top layer of foam. By doing so, you can add some personality to your tool drawer. More importantly, you can really make your tools stand out when you open your drawer, making it even easier to find the tool you need.

There’s no limit! While durable as can be, your foam organizers can be cut to hold any size or shape of tool. Just simply lay the tool on the back of the foam, trace it out, and then cut out the shape. That’s it. Your foam organizer is ready to go.


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