Product Quality – How can it be better Controlled?

Product Quality Observation

What Drives Product Quality? Quality of products is imperative in just about any business, though its importance changes with a variety of factors. One of these is competition; in a more competitive industry, there is more pressure to create higher value by offering better quality at a given price point. As much as we love

Reducing Waste – Improving Margins vs. Increasing Perceived Customer Value

Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste and Cutting Costs to Improve Profit? We all know that there a lot – and I mean a whole lot – of factors that go into the success of any given business. These range from the highly controlled to sheer dumb luck (though in actuality there are usually underlying items that just appear

5S The Best Lean Starting Point? Yep, And Here’s Why

5s Workstation

Why 5S first? Let’s be honest, there are many discussions out there such as 5S Lean groups on LinkedIn and other professional sites which sometimes fail to hit the mark for pertinent and useful information. In fact, I have even stumbled upon backwards or even misguided information, while others have just been too drawn out

Visual Mapping Strategies, A Mess of Options

Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping and Flow Charts Ever wondered what the differences between things like flow charts and process maps were? Are they actually different at all or are they just different names for more or less the same thing? What problems do each address? When should you use one over the other? If you have ever

A Tale of Two Theories – LEAN or Six Sigma

A Tale of Two Theories Have you heard the term ‘Lean Six Sigma’?  Of course you have. But wait!  Did you know that ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ are actually two different methodologies?  Alright, you probably had some idea of that too. Why, then, is it that we so often intertwine these two cryptic workplace improvement

These Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Lean Efforts

For most businesses these days, Lean Six Sigma is an extremely common business practice to be implemented, but it isn’t always as easy as certain guides, or especially successful case studies, might make it seem. One of the biggest things that happens in Lean for new companies is that they struggle to use tools effectively

Key Ingredients for the Success of a Continuous Improvement Team

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The Must-Have Guide To Creating A Stellar Continuous Improvement Program The idea of continual improvement is one that underlies nearly all modern manufacturing philosophy, especially those associated with Lean. Continuous improvement programs seek to make small but constant adjustments to your business that increase efficiency and reduce waste – the idea can be applied to

Lean Thinking Questions

Question: “What Does Lean Thinking Mean To You?” A recent post on a LinkedIn forum sparked some lean thinking questions and a discussion over what exactly phrases like “lean thinking” meant to other users. The author Tony Heath, started off discussion by asking what people thought of the constant use of terms like “lean,” “strategic,”