Hello Safety, My Name Is Lean

Lean Name tag for Creative Safety Supply blog post

Nice To Meet You The two biggest waves to hit the American workplace in recent years are Lean and improved safety agendas. Both have revolutionized the workplace leading to safer, more productive and efficient organizations everywhere. One doesn’t necessarily always lead to the other, but in the case of Lean, organizations are seeing tremendous improvements

Another Recall For Toyota

Toyota's Recall Problem

The Lean Leader braces for its latest recall Once again, the father of Lean manufacturing is making headlines for the wrong reasons. The automaker has yet another recall on some of their best selling models, opening the door again for scrutiny and criticism regarding their Lean methods. Toyota’s Lean manufacturing techniques have become so popular


In a business environment, efficiency and productivity are affected by many factors. Understanding all of these can be quite complex. That’s why it’s useful to come up with some simple tools to make it easier to address problems. One such tool is the acronym DOWNTIME. Each letter in this word stands for one of the

The Building Blocks of a Lean Organization

Building a lean organization not only helps keep operating costs down and making a profit margin or productivity level as large as possible, it also instills high efficiency routines that remain in the long-term as well. Doing so provides organizations and companies with buffers they can then rely on when times are tough or additional

3-D Printing: What Does the Future Hold?

Future technologies will influence our business

The Not So Distant Future You’re right in the middle of a filling a major order for one of your biggest clients that is in desperate need of your product, yesterday. All of the sudden, the machine that you use to manufacture this particular product breaks and there’s no way to get the part delivered

Getting To Know The Product-Process Matrix

Overview of production process

When deadlines approach and it seems like there’s no way you’re going to pull through, work flow can potentially become unorganized and chaotic without the proper guidance. Part of the Lean and continuous improvement process is being able to effectively organize processes in the most efficient manner. Specific tools and procedures have been developed through