When to Delegate and When Not to Delegate

Delegation is a crucial aspect of managing any business, team, or group of people. If you are serious about doing a good job at overseeing a team of individuals, you need to realize that you cannot do everything yourself. When delegation is done properly it can save time, develop the team you are working with,

Top Tips For Process Improvement

Tip One: Streamlining Businesses today are facing new product goals, new technologies, and continual changes in the modern business environment. Streamlining can be used effectively to bring about productive and positive business changes that are in line with the state of the art products and services in many industries. Process Improvement can be implemented in

10 Tips to Overcome Resistance to Change

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As organizations continue to evolve and work their way through the continuous improvement process, it is their employees resistance to change that is a major factor in determining their success. After all, it is human nature to resist change, especially when it comes to our work and everyday activities. Individuals like familiarity and consistency. Change

Mobile Conferences Tweak Productivity

Mobile conferences are becoming ever increasingly more prevalent as the world of cell phones, tablets, and laptops continue to evolve. Now conferences can be delivered through apps and social media, almost eliminating the need for a booklet of conference descriptions and schedules. In addition, the online phone conference lends itself well to creating a conference

The Visual Workplace

visual workplace

What is a Visual Workplace? In simple terms, the visual workplace is a workplace that places critical information at the point of use, but lets take a closer look. Coined by Lean manufacturing experts, the visual workplace is a concept that focuses on visual cues around the workplace in order to reveal critical information. Through

Lean and Mean: Making Time to Achieve It

Lean and mean. Everybody has heard that one. In the business environment it means to trim the excess–real as well as figuratively–and do the work better, more efficiently, and with a greater eye towards quality versus quantity, and greater profitability. Unfortunately, as many organizations have found, as soon as the cheerleading is finished, often very

Hello Safety, My Name Is Lean

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Nice To Meet You The two biggest waves to hit the American workplace in recent years are Lean and improved safety agendas. Both have revolutionized the workplace leading to safer, more productive and efficient organizations everywhere. One doesn’t necessarily always lead to the other, but in the case of Lean, organizations are seeing tremendous improvements

Another Recall For Toyota

Toyota's Recall Problem

The Lean Leader braces for its latest recall Once again, the father of Lean manufacturing is making headlines for the wrong reasons. The automaker has yet another recall on some of their best selling models, opening the door again for scrutiny and criticism regarding their Lean methods. Toyota’s Lean manufacturing techniques have become so popular